De l'ombre pour Belle de Jour !


Septembre 2020

LRVO c'est la ruée vers l'ouest !

Mission : Conception, fabrication

Commanditaire : Privé, professionnel, Belle de Jour

Localisation : Nantes, Loire Atlantique

A la Caserne Mellinet,

In the Saint-Herblain neighboorhood, 1980's houses line up, only distinguished by their pale colors. Carefully placed above the garage, a wooden block extends the house toward the road, facing west.

Initially blind, the gable wall, now extruded, opens up on the garden, letting light pass through the 5 windows. To connect the existing building with its extension, roofs show similar pitches, while facades plays a subtle game of oblique lines.

Inside, VOUS also designed and built the furniture ! A double height space fitted with a dressing act as a hallway, leading to a bathroom facing south, and a bedroom on the other side. Shelves span the whole west wall, turning from a sink to shelves, to a desk, to shelves again, ending in a lecture spot, adjoining the bedroom window. On the upper floor, a roof window enlight a storage space that can be turned, one day, into a guest room or a reading salon.


Collectif VOUS Nantes
VOUS Architeture
VOUS Design

Manuel Bertrand, Louis Bourdois, Valentine Chateigner, Félix Chiron, Jean Daguerre, Adrien Desjoyeaux, Thomas Gouin, Luc Franco, Antoine Mounier, Antoine Piketty, Carole Pouly, Marie Tesson

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